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to simplify your life!

Are you not familiar with ISYLOO yet?

Have you heard of it but have not dared to try it?

Does it seem weird, new or unnatural? Most women who have made ISYLOO part of their daily lives probably felt the same at the beginning. ISYLOO is a disposable accessory which will enable you to urinate from a standing position without difficulty and is 100% ecological and recyclable. Try it once and you will love it! ISYLOO is discreet and essential for women of all ages and different lifestyles. Discover peace of mind, comfort, ease and all of ISYLOO’s many advantages for yourself today!


Ladies, it’s unhealthy to hold on! With ISYLOO you can have relief fast and easily at anytime.


With ISYLOO, you never have to be in contact with dirty lavatory pans. ISYLOO is also 100% watertight.


ISYLOO is a disposable urinating accessory. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable disintegrating in 6 weeks.


ISYLOO is so easy to use, place it correctly between your legs, pee and dispose in the bin after use.


ISYLOO is discreet, foldable and easy to carry as it adapts to all handbags. Always keep a few with you!

Public Places

Using toilets in public places has always been problematic for women. ISYLOO frees you from the endless queues, dispenses with the need for painful squatting positions and prevents splashes on ankles and shoes.

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