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Avoid Cystitis

At least 50% of women have experienced a urine infection in their lives. Cystitis can be caused by putting off a bathroom visit. Common signs of cystitis are a frequent need to urinate, a burning sensation while peeing and pain in the abdomen and above the pubic bone. Ignoring cystitis symptoms can bring about a kidney infection called pyelonephritis as the kidneys are the first organs to be affected by a bladder infection.   Frequent urine infections can develop into bladder disturbances and urine leakages.

ISYLOO against cystitis

Évitez les cystites avec ISYLOO

ISYLOO was designed with women’s health concerns including cystitis in mind. With a disposable, ready to use urinating device at hand, the chances of a urine infection are reduced. ISYLOO eliminates the need to hold back peeing for hours as it enables peeing comfortably and hygienically in any circumstances.

Never Hold back

We have all experienced a hold back moment during a long shopping day, a night out or even at work simply to avoid confronting dirty toilets or because we are in a hurry. But do you know how bad it is for your health to hold back urine? Doctors confirm that holding back urine can contribute to urine infections including cystitis. Public toilets with dirty toilet bowls, germs and bacteria are a nightmare for most women.

ISYLOO, fast and easy

Ne jamais retenir le pipiWith ISYLOO you can pee whenever you need to without having to squat in an uncomfortable position or touch the toilet pan!   No holding back, no worries, ISYLOO is a major health plus!

Watch out for filthy Toilets

Going to the toilet can feel like a risky test. Most public toilets are smelly, nasty and filled with bacteria not to mention shortage of paper, soap, cleanliness and privacy. This leads to most women avoiding the use of toilets except their own. Women’s No1 mission in restaurants, clubs, shopping centres or even at a friend’s house is to avoid skin contact with the toilet. Sitting on a dirty toilet pan can lead to skin infections such as boils, panaris and impetigo caused by the bacteria; Staphylococcus aureus, which lives for a couple of hours on an inert surface and spreads through skin contact.

ISYLOO, your shield against bacteria

Toilet signISYLOO dispenses the need we feel to cover the pan with a protective shield of paper. ISYLOO is one simple, worry-free step for you and a giant leap for your comfort

You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy causes the need to urinate frequently. Simple movements can become complicated in advancing stages of pregnancy and this includes going to the toilet.


ISYLOO is a pregnant woman’s ally

ISYLOO had thought about your and your comfort. No need to sit and pee, simply place your ISYLOO between your legs and experience relief anywhere and anytime. ISYLOO is indispensable throughout pregnancy especially in the last months. Once you have got comfortable with it, ISYLOO becomes automatic with no double checking to see if you are using it correctly. ISYLOO won’t make you pee less but it will put your mind at rest and make life easier!

ISYLOO in Hospital

Using the toilet after an operation can be very inconvenient. Whether you have a broken leg, a hip replacement or just feeling weak after an operation, peeing is very complicated when you are incapacitated. Waiting for a bedpan and then its collection can be unpleasant and awkward.


Get your independent life skills back with ISYLOO!

Forget about the embarrassing and uncomfortable bedpan, ISYLOO allows you to pee comfortably and quickly! Even if you cannot move away from the bed, ISYLOO allows you to sit on the edge and pee easily into a container. ISYLOO is recommended for patients bedridden or not to avoid falls and loss of balance and to lower the effort required to urinate.

ISYLOO for Kids

As a parent in a public toilet area, our first words to our children are often “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” We often prefer to take them behind a tree than face filthy, infected public toilets.


ISYLOO is your daughter’s ideal partner

The thought of seeing your child’s hands on a dirty toilet pan never mind sitting on one is unbearable. ISYLOO can be used by girls from the age of 6. Introducing your daughter to ISYLOO from an early age will reassure you not only during the next school trip but in her daily school life. School bathrooms are often unhygienic and full of bacteria which can cause them to wait till they get home to pee.

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