How to use ISYLOO ?

ISYLOO is your feminine, disposable accessory! Easy to use! Simply place it between your legs with no risks of accidents!

1°. Unfold your ISYLOO

2°. Place it between your legs

3°. Urinate naturally

4°. Throw it into the bin

Once you receive your ISYLOO pack, the adventure begins!

If it’s the first time you are using ISYLOO and you feel nervous, relax and practice at home. Yes, its unconventional for women to pee standing up but after one ISYLOO use, you will discover how easy it is.

Take your ISYLOO everywhere!

Fold it and store it easily in your pocket, handbag, cosmetic purse or suitcase. ISYLOO was made especially for women and will adapt itself to every situation in your life. With ISYLOO at hand, you need never worry about dirty toilets again!

Try it & Love it !

To use ISYLOO, simply open it up, ensuring that you hold it the correct way with the end piece forward. Place it between your legs in contact with your skin and pee! The first time may seem a little strange but ISYLOO will soon become a way of life!

After use, discard ISYLOO into the bin

ISYLOO is a disposable, foldable urinating accessory, 100% ecological and biodegradable! It disintegrates in six weeks in nature to protect the environment. Light, discreet and recyclable, ISYLOO is a woman’s ideal partner. Take it everywhere….hiking, festivals. travelling, clubbing….

Welcome to the ISYLOO generation!

The moment has come, you can not do without it ?

Order now and discover our different ISYLOO pack !

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