Team & Concept

Welcome to the ISYLOO generation!


Isyloo was created by a woman for women.

A 100% feminine concept to simplify women’s life no matter what age they are. what they do for a living, their passions or personality…

ISYLOO is the essential accessory for today’s women; easy, discreet and 100% ecological. Made of recyclable material, ISYLOO is an ergonomic and hygienic urinating device ensuring health and comfort from its first use.

ISYLOO’s team

We are a united international family, motivated women and men, conscious to deal with a real everyday life challenge for women. ISYLOO is much more than just a concept, it’s a persuasion of well being, an incessant need to make women’s life easier. Please feel free to contact us at anytime, our team is here to listen and answer at any questions, suggestion, or point of views… Everything that could help us improve ISYLOO. To be part of our team or to become a RESELLER, please contact us per email on or complete our contact form.


ISYLOO’s founder and CEO, Marie created the brand in 2015 in Malaga, Andalucia, Spain. Her motivation was to simplify women’s lives and make ISYLOO available to every woman. No woman should ever feel concerned about how or where she is going to use a toilet.


Mariella is our Marketing & Communication Director responsible for social media and for the development of the ISYLOO brand.


Cedric is our web designer and photographer.


Our supplier located in Malaga, ISYLOO is 100% Made in Spain.


Our model, Jazmin is a student of fine arts and embodies beauty and femininity.

Our retailers

Thanks to our retailers you will find ISYLOO everywhere! Contact us if you wish to become a retailer.

Order your ISYLOO

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Any questions ?

Contact the ISYLOO team, and we will answer to all your questions

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