When and Where ISYLOO?

Everywhere and whenever!


Take ISYLOO hiking and walking with you. It’s rare to find toilets on top of a mountain but with ISYLOO you can pee behind the bush without crouching down and splashing your shoes. ISYLOO doesn’t take any space and fits easily into your backpack or your pocket!


We are all anxious about using toilets in clubs, bars and even restaurants. It’s not easy to squat in high heels, trying not to touch anything. Faced with an endless queue to find dirty toilets often full of vomit, pee and other unbelievable things, ISYLOO makes things easier and brightens your pee break!


ISYLOO is indispensable when you travel. We have all experienced turbulence in aeroplanes, bumpy train rides and holding in discomfort waiting to reach the next service area on roads and motorways. ISYLOO ensures a safe, hygienic and independent way to pee whenever you need to!


Free your sporty side with ISYLOO! For winter sports when ski suits are hard to remove and ski shoes are unstable, for cycling, horse riding and most other sports when peeing becomes a hassle. ISYLOO is practical, portable and makes a toilet stop so easy!


Heat, drinking, dancing, coming and going between acts all increase the need to drink and pee! We are all familiar with the never ending queues outside the disgusting toilet stations. Pack your ISYLOO and save time. Even behind a tree will do the trick!


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